An evolution simulator, with a top down "petri dish" style. Individuals compete for food and can evolve new body parts or brain connections.
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Evolving Plants

An evolution simulator, with a 2D side on emulation of "plant-like" organisms competing for light, with a simple structure defained by genetics.
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Every RGB

Takes any 4096x4096 input image and attempts to match it as closely as possible with no two pixels the same colour, using a basic hill-climber algorithm.
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Travelling Salesman

A genetic algorithm, this time solving the classic salesman problem.
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A very simple noughts and crosses game, made with the Godot game engine. Can be played in the browser. An experiment with WebGL.
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A tiny C++ library for basic code analysis that generates .json files compatible with Perfetto Trace.
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Fluid Dynamics

A small demo developed as part of my dissertation, based on Jos Stam's fluid dynamics paper.