Sneak Peek

Whilst the project is heavily in development, it has already produced some exciting and very natural looking behaviours.


The window is divided into 4 main areas. On the left are the settings, in the middle is the simulation, the right is an information panel and below are a number of graphs.
The large green circles represent zones which spawn food, these areas can be zoomed in on the observe the simulation in real time, or fast forward can be selected to run many more

The graphics

Currently rudimentory placeholders. The coloured circle in the middle is a trilobyte, with grey spikes, a health bar showing ~75% health, and a number of large circles surrounding it representing various senses. The grey circle with radial spikes is an environmental hazard. The small green circe is a food pellet which has presumably lured this unfortunate individual into the spike, causing it damage.

A creature's brain

Every creature has a neural network which controls its behaviour. There are inputs along the top, corresponding to various senses. There are outputs along the bottom (in this case only one) corresponding to things the individual can do. This is updated each simulation frame for every individual.